Astragalus cicer

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Scientific Name Astragalus cicer USDA PLANTS Symbol
Common Name Chickpea Milkvetch, Cicer Milkvetch ITIS Taxonomic Serial No.
Family Fabaceae (Pea) SEINet
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Description Life zones and habitat: Foothills to subalpine. Open areas, pastures, shrublands, aspen woodlands. Introduced species from Europe; found in western and northern US; unusual in Summit County CO.
Plant: Erect or leaning perennial, a foot or more high, upright when young and becoming decumbent and trailing.
Leaves: Compound leaves 4 to 8 inches long, each with 10 to 13 pairs of deep green leaflets 3/4 to 2 inches long, somewhat hairy undersides.
Inflorescence: Clusters of 15 to 60 pale yellow to white pea-like flowers in a compact raceme.
Reference: Excerpts from USDA-NRCS Plant Guide.
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