Corydalis aurea

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Scientific Name Corydalis aurea ssp. aurea USDA PLANTS Symbol COAU2
Common Name Golden Corydalis, Scrambled Eggs ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 18999
Family Papaveraceae (Poppy) formerly Fumariaceae SEINet
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Description Life zones and habitat: Plains to subalpine (3600 to 11000 ft); moist to dry areas, hillsides, streamsides, rocky banks, open woodlands.
Plant: Bushy annual or biennial, highly branched with stems from 8 to 14 inches tall, becoming prostrate with age.
Leaves: Pinnately-compound 1 to 4 times, ultimate lobes are elliptic, 1.5 times or more longer than wide with incised margins.
Inflorescence: Compact racemes of 10-20 yellow, initially erect, later drooping, tubular flowers each with two pairs of petals; racemes shorter than or slightly exceeding leaves.
Bloom Period: April to August.
References: "Flora of Colorado" by Jennifer Ackerfield, SEINet and Minnesota Wildflowers.
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