Trollius albiflorus

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Scientific Name Trollius laxus (Trollius albiflorus, Trollius laxus ssp. albiflorus) USDA PLANTS Symbol TRLA14
Common Name Globeflower ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 522967
Family Ranunculaceae (Buttercup) SEINet
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Description Life zones and habitat: Montane to alpine (7500 to 13500 ft.); wet areas in meadows, along ponds, streambanks, near snowfields, and forest openings.
Plant: Erect perennial growing in clumps, short but often up to 20 inches tall; stout, hairless stem.
Leaves: Basal leaves on petioles 1-1/4 to 10 inches long, stem leaves on shorter petioles or sessile; leaf blades deeply palmately-divided into 5 lobes again divided into 3 more; toothed edges.
Inflorescence: Single flowers on each stem with 5 to 9 creamy-white sepals in a saucer shape surrounding numerous yellow stamens; sepals become brown-tinged with age; no petals.
Bloom Period: June to August.
References: "Flora of Colorado" by Jennifer Ackerfield, "Guide to Colorado Wildflowers" by G.K. Guennel and Montana Plant Life.
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