Clematis ligusticifolia

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Scientific Name Clematis ligusticifolia USDA PLANTS Symbol CLLI2
Common Name Virgin's Bower, Western White Clematis ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 18702
Family Ranunculaceae (Buttercup) SEINet
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Description Life zones and habitat: Plains and foothills (4500 to 8500 ft.); along streams and in forests.
Plant: Vining perennial 10 to 20 feet long.
Leaves: Opposite, pinnately-compound leaves with 5 to 7 leaflets, each with toothed edges.
Inflorescence: Crowded compound cymes of flowers in leaf axils; cream-colored blossoms, each with four or five sepals (no petals); staminate and pistillate flowers on separate plants, with stamens becoming long, silky plumes at maturity.
Bloom Period: June to August.
References: "Flora of Colorado" by Jennifer Ackerfield and "A Field Guide to Wildflowers of the Rocky Mountains" by Carl Schreier.
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